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Durango Wild Lands – one of the best game with open worlds in the genre of Survival, created by the Korean studio Nexon. The game’s events unfold in the era of the Dinosaurs, where you have to exist and fight for life with huge, bloodthirsty animals and the same players as you. Durango is an exciting world of possibilities and adventures. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) – the largest computer games show the Durango: Wild Lands was nominated as the “Best Mobile Game of 2017” and deservedly got its first place.

Durango wild lands
Durango wild lands – best survival game

The plot of the game Durango Wild Lands

The game begins wihen you eat in the train and you need to choose your hero by sex and character. In total, 16 heroes are offered with a variety of character traits from the military, the farmer, the office worker and ending with the unemployed. In each of them at the 20th tiers, specific opportunities are opened that can be used for various activities. In addition, each character can be quite heavily customized by changing clothes, hairstyles, skin color, adding various accessories, etc.

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In the course of the game, you will be offered to perform small quests for which you will receive useful information or some items.The main goal of this game is to survive, and for this you need food. To search for it, you must go to the depths of the jungle, which are full of danger. At first, you will be helped by a faithful dog, who can smell food and fight off hostile animals. To collect food, it is enough to pinch the corresponding icon and it will appear in your pockets. In addition, you need to find sources of drinking water for drinking, as well as to wash and not to attract smells of unnecessary attention. The danger of such attacks is that other animals often go to watering, where you can meet and start a battle for life.

To collect food, it is enough to pinch the corresponding icon and it will appear in your pockets. In addition, you need to find sources of drinking water for drinking, as well as to wash and not to attract smells of unnecessary attention. The danger of such attacks is that other animals often go to watering, where you can meet and start a battle for life.

Durango: Wild Lands
Discover a new world of possibilities with the help of Durango: Wild Lands

Already from the very beginning of the game, you have to start crafting different things in order to have new items and new opportunities. So in the first minutes of the game, you have to craft the blade, in order to get through the thick vegetation.

For each action, you will be charged with the experience of collecting, which you will raise your tier. Each new level expands your abilities and improves the character. Also, it is worth understanding that the more active actions your heroes does, the more it gets tired, and this affects its speed, dexterity and overall well-being. Therefore, count your actions so that you can rest on time and you are not threatened with anything.

Gameplay Durango Wild Lands

Durango Wild Lands is a game of survival with a huge world of possibilities and actions. To survive and avoid the attack of animals, you will have to team up with other players for hunting, building a house/shelter, fishing and other things for survival. The main goal is to survive. Play together, alone or create clans – it all depends on you.

The only thing, do not forget – to survive in the wild land alone, you will have to master a lot of crafts and go through a lot of testing, it’s much easier to work a group of people. Creating tribes/clans is not such a bad idea. Working in the group, the chances of survival will grow unambiguously, because you can build not just a refuge, but whole fortresses, which will be unbearable to overcome by a wild animal.

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals are by no means the only threat in Durango. In addition to the destruction of hostile animals, the player will have to fight hostile clans. What’s more dangerous: animals or people – only you can judge. After a successful victory over a clan-rivals – you can get not only experience in the battles but also more significant things, for example, a new territory, bases, provisions and much more.

Durango Wild Lands is first and foremost an impressive, bright, but very dangerous prehistoric world, the world of the Jurassic period. Durango is a game with lots of possibilities. You can live on an island, in a forest or any other place. In order to survive, you can build a house, an entire base, or even build a farm that would not be poor in the future. In general for the player here full freedom of action.

To live and thrive, the player needs to use the rich habitat of the wild world, as well as use modern tricks. For example, try to build a structure for protection using materials that you find on an island or try your luck and tame a dinosaur, the benefit of such an action is obvious – you will have your own guard and defender.

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Features of the game Durango Wild Lands

  • explore the territory
  • cultivate the land
  • engage in hunting, fishing, trade
  • collect the best resources
  • build farms
  • harvests
  • create clans/tribes
  • Fight with other players for freedom and territory
  • PvP mode
  • fight with dinosaurs or try to tame them
  • craft items (the ability to get a completely different object with a few objects)
  • explore the vast world of Durango: Wild Lands

System requirements

If you want to play the game Durango: Wild Lands without crashes, glitches or other bugs – you need to know whether your device will be able to play the game. Below we propose to read the table of system requirements for the game Durango: Wild Lands.

Graphics (GPU):----
Processor (CPU-Z)----
Memory:Installation file 25 MB. For normal operation you need memory from 50 MB to 1 GB
List of supported devices:OS 4.1 / Samsung Galaxy S3 + newer devices
Version:Android 4.1 +
Internet:from 512 kb/sc

How to install the game on Android?

  • To start the game you need to go to the Play Market or to our special section and download the APK file from our servers.
  • The game will be installed on your mobile or tablet.
  • As the game in beta testing now so many countries is not yet available, but if you want to play you will have such an opportunity. In the Play Market, download VPN Hola – this action will allow you to replace your country on another.
  • After this action, the game is established and you can only enjoy the process.


Below you can see the gameplay screenshots of the game they will give you to understand how the game looks really!


In Durango: Wild Lands will open a new futuristic world for the player, a world where you have to manifest youself in different hypostases. On the one hand, you will have to fight for existence with prehistoric animals that will hunt you in every way, on the other, you will learn new crafts to provide yourself with food and clothing.

You can also study and conquer new territories, join clans, whole communities, fight against hostile tribes. In general, you expect a whole world of impressions and opportunities. The game will pleasantly surprise you.

At the moment the game is on Beta testing, but you still have the opportunity to play it. You can download the game on our site in the Download section.

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