Friends! Durango Wild Land works on Android and IOS operating system. The world of Durango is too big, and the possibilities are simply staggering, so the game simply can not fit in the 25 MB APK file. To make the game complete you need to download the game’s cache. Unfortunately, many players still do not know or do not fully understand the significance of the cache. Why it is important will show you today.

Durango Wild Land game cache

A cache is a special place/space on disk or device, whose task is to store frequently used information/data. That is, all the textures that are present in the game, maps, locations, voice and many other things are stored in the cache. In the cache of the game Durango Wild Land, all important folders and files are saved without which the launch of the game and accordingly the correct work of Durango is simply not possible.

As you correctly understood that the game was full, only APK file is too small, you must additionally install the file cache itself, which approximately “weigh” 80-85 MB.

Installing a cache for the game Durango: Wild Lands

  • unpack the folder from the archive on the path / Android / obb /
  • you should get / Android / obb / com.nexon.durango /
  • install apk
  • Run the game and enjoy

Download game cache

Download file (82 Mb)