Clan system in Durango Wild Lands

Hello everyone and welcome to the guide dedicated to the clan system of the game Durango Wild Lands.

Text version of the guide

Playing the game alone is not entirely interesting, and most people create or are looking for ready-made clans to create a united and united team. To you, it was clear how the clan is arranged, what it gives besides new acquaintances, and I prepared this guide. Now we’ll figure it out. We skip the stages of the search for the clan and the filing of the application because this is a purely choice of each person to which no one will affect.

In order to get some information about your clan, you need to go to the menu and click on the Clan item. Here we see a lot of information, which, for convenience, I divided into blocks and will describe what for what answers.

The Info tab (Clan Information)

Announcement – description of the clan

Clan Funds – donations, that is, any person can make a donation to the clan’s deposit.

Also on this tab are the clan level, the clan emblem, the island on which the clan territory is located, the place in the clan.

For information on the clan members, the Clan Member tab is responsible and there are several items:

Name – member’s nickname

Tier – level of the participant

Login – last connection

Rank – category of the member in the clan

There is also a summary of the number of occupied places in the clan (20/30)

Here showing information about the level of the clan. How many points / of how many to the next level and the most interesting are the effects. The higher tier clan has, the more effects we get. For 1 pumped lvl – 1 effect. There are a lot of effects. This can be an increase in clan locations, an increase in experience, a reduction in the value of Warp. Therefore, the higher the level of your clan, the more effects you will get.

The Timeline tab shows us the history of the clan members’ actions in the game.

The Search tab helps us find a clan through search without quitting the clan.

It is also possible to manage the clan territory through the Domain tab and go to Clan. Here you can see all the same functions as in the Personal tab. More details about Domain can be found here.

And the last thing I’d like to talk about is a clan territory and an outpost.

The clan territory is put in the same way as the personal one, and it makes sense to have a large territory for the clan (in contrast to the personal one, where there is no special need). Also in this territory, you can place absolutely any items that are in the game and they will be available to any member of the clan, but not accessible to the regular player.


There is a PVP island. Once they are updated on it you need to find the Warp hole and take the territory near it for defense. This is called Outpost. It’s clear that you are not alone on this island, there are also other clans that have occupied their Warp hole.

The goal is to protect the Warp hole within a certain time. This can be done in several ways. You can encircle the territory with a fence and put a Tower Defense around the perimeter. Deals a little damage, but quickly shoots arrows and does not badly aggravate. Or you can repulse an attack yourself, having entered into battle with the enemy.

This is how the guide turned out. If you still have questions, write them in the comments.


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