Questions and Answers

We are glad to welcome all fans of the game Durango Wild Land! Friends, on this page you can find answers to the most exciting player’s questions about the game Durango Wild Lands! How to play?The currentt version of the game? How to download it and install? and much more.

What is Durango Wild Lands?

Durango Wild Lans – an excellent game in the genre of Survival. More details about the game you can find here.

System requirements

To play a game without crashes and lags, you need to have a device with the version of Android 4.1+, when playing on mobile phones of an earlier version of Android there may be problems with the departure.

Current version of the game

At the moment, the current version of the game 2.7.1

Where to download Durango Wild Lands?

You can download the game Durango: Wild Lands from our servers in the Download section or by clicking the button below:

Download APK file

How to install the game?

While the game is in beta testing, but still you can play it. To do this, you need to read the article about the installation.

Why there is no game on Google Play?

This is so far only a beta version of the game, so it is available for download in only three countries: Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia.

When will the game Durango: Wild Lands appear on all devices?

It will be released by the end of 2017.

Is it possible to craft in Durango: Wild Lands?

Yes, you can.

On what platforms the game is available?

The game is available on Android and iOS platforms

Is there multiplayer in the game?

Yes there is

What is the maximum level in the game?

Level 100

Why do we need craters in the game?

You need craters for survival. Because near a lot of plants, and dinosaurs – all for your food, and not only.


How to find a friend?

After training, and when you sail away from the second island, you can enter your friend’s nickname and then go to his island. There is another option in the “Friends” section to add each other, and then click on “Transfer Domain”.

How to play better: alone or in a clan? Where are the advantages?

For the time being, it’s more convenient to play alone, not in the clan. To do this, even camps were added on unstable islands. But developers are considering this idea.