How to make bone bow in Durango Wild Lands?

Greetings, pioneers! Today we have a small but useful guide for you, which we hope will help you in the game.

I think many of you, wandering through the Wildlands, would like to have a weapon with you that would save your life. If so, today’s guide will be useful for you, because today we will tell you how to make a bow, what is needed for this, and what is the difference between a bone bow and an ordinary bow. Let’s go!

So, first, you need to make sure that the level of the forge is 36.

Then go to the “Bow” tab

Here you can see what kinds of bows are available to you at the moment.

Next, you need to understand what “ingredients” are needed to create it.

To do this, go to “Weapon Craft”

As we see, for a standard bow we need a Straw Rope, a Bow Limb, and Long Strap.

To create a Bow Limb, go to the Wooden Bow Limb tab

To create the Tree, we need 2 long sticks and one Rope of level 15.

And now as for the Bony Bow.

For his craft, we need 4 sawn bones and 2 ropes of level 15.

A little later we will show what the fundamental difference between the two bows, and for now let’s see how we can make Long sticks.

Go to “Material Processing” and select “Extended Stick”. As you can see, for the creation we need 3 ordinary sticks. So do not forget to stock up on them!

Accordingly, going to the next window, you can make the necessary ropes for us.

By the same principle, you need craft Bony Bow.

And now the most important thing: What is the difference between Bone and Standard Bow?

As we see, the difference is not so great, just slightly increased attack and strength. So craft it or not you will decide

That’s all. Thank you and good luck on the Wild Lands!


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