Launch Durango Wild Lands through the Nox Player emulator

Hello! In this guide, we will teach you to play Durango Wild Lands on your computer using the NoxAppPlayer Android emulator. Not everyone wishing to play this game has a powerful or medium-sized smartphone or tablet. Then how to be if you really want to play?

Very simple! Today we will run the game through the emulator on your computer! I prefer to use Nox, rather than BlueStacks, because there is no advertising that pops up on top of the game window, and it also proved to be more productive. One minus I encountered: it does not work to emulate a joystick on the keyboard, that is, the character will have to run around holding the mouse on the screen (just like you are running your finger in the game). If anyone knows how to change management, write in the comments. Have driven!

The first thing we do is download the Nox Player from the site (when I downloaded the main button gave out a mistake of 500, so I downloaded via Google Drive, there is no difference).

Install it, after installation it will start up (if it did not happen, run it from the shortcut yourself). After it opened and loaded, a training window will be displayed. We close it with a cross, everything is clear.

Now we need to log into Google Play and authorize under your Google account through which you play on your phone (if you’re playing for the first time, then just create an account, but remember that if you lose it, you lose the progress of the game). After that, we find Durango and install it.

When install, start the game, wait for the cache and download the character. Initially, you can strongly lag the game, but this is only because we have not yet dug into the settings.

First of all, we set the High-Quality graphics level in the game settings, then click on the gear (System Settings) at the top of the player and go to the “Advanced” tab. Here everything is exposed depending on the characteristics of your computer, but I recommend exhibiting the way I have on the screen:

Just want to warn that some video cards do not support OpenGL, which means that even on a powerful computer the emulator will lag more than on a weak one, where the video card supports this kind of graphics. But there are few such people, so the chances are that you will not be affected. Now I will tell you how to play comfortably:

I unfold the player full screen (in the upper right corner there is a button “Full screen”). You can also switch the player to full-screen mode with the button on the side of the panel, but in this case, the panel itself disappears, and sometimes some buttons may be required.

To zoom in/out of the character, I use the “Two-finger control” tool (it’s also on the panel on the right). When you activate it at the top, the control mode appears. We need a “double finger zoom in / zoom out” and clamping the mouse on the screen, we are driving it by adjusting the scale. When finished, click again on the toolbar on the right and it will turn off.

Well, in general, that’s all! I hope for you this guide will be useful. All questions can be asked in the commentary to this entry, you will certainly be helped!

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