The game Durango Wild Land provides for the player a huge opportunity for action. Here you can conquer new lands, peoples and even wild animals. Strength, courage, and creativity are qualities that will become indispensable for you in the game.

The main task for you in the game is to survive. Survive at any price. Hunger, cold, dangerous animals and malevolent players – that’s the danger with which you will have to face. Learn to provide for yourself: build a house, create a farm, trade. Learn to tame animals and you will have a permanent guard. Learn to create and protect your tribes from others hostile clans. All these possibilities and more provides the game Durango Wild Lands.

More about Durango Wild Land
Do you want to have an unlimited number of lives in Durango Wild Land?

Durango: Wild Lands is a completely new world of pre historic, unique animals, wild and sometimes untouched nature. The player is offered a completely new, futuristic world where you can explore, conquer and simply create.

Durango Wild Lands secrets of the game

As we have already said, Durango is a whole world, a world in which you can even lose. Today we want to offer you a little help in completing the game. Almost every game has its own cheats, forbidden tricks. Durango is no exception. We offer you mod, which will help in passing the game.

Mods & Codes for Durango Wild Lands

  • Mod a lot of money.

To your account, you will receive a lot of money in the 99 999. You will get this sum completely free of charge if you enter the code qGPxxmKh * 43f.

  • Double experience

Each player receives a unique experience for passing the game. You have a unique opportunity to increase this experience if you enter the code eU5tRHx8 * 45d

  • God’ mode

Do you want to get an infinite number of lives? I think yes. With an unlimited amount of life, you will have a great opportunity to challenge the most dangerous predators on the island, fight with the strongest clans and conquer the unknown lands. All you need is to keep the code iSB3hBDG * 57g

Download the original version of the game, you can here.