Official release of Durango Wild Lands

If you do not already know – Durango Wild Land is in closed beta testing. At the moment, the second stage of closed beta testing has started. But fortunately, despite the fact that access to testing is closed – players can still play.

Developers have access to players who live in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. These three countries can test the game and give their feedback to the developers. Thanks to these reviews, the game is even better and more thoughtful.

If you are not one of the lucky ones who live in these wonderful countries, do not be discouraged, you do not need to change your place of residence :). All you need is to enable any VPN, for example, Hola, and change the country to any of the three listed above.

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  1. Plz fix the skill career bug that happen now in new update.I complete titles and no title in character slot and no reward states buff (e.g str,dex,agi,cha…).plz fix that issue plz.I hope u guys will fix in next update.I love this game very much thz u.

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