The end of the closed beta test for Durango Wild Lands

Friends! We hurry to share with you the latest news about Durango Wild Lands. As you probably know at the moment the game is in beta testing. Here is a list of all the countries that are participating in the testing: Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Vietnam, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

Many players are already interested in one question – When will the official release of the game take place? On this question, we will be answered today. According to the developers, on October 19th, the beta test of Durango Wild Lands will be closed. It means, that October 19-20th, players will be able to enjoy the full-scale release of the game.

And of course one of the main questions: Will all the results and achievements made during the beta test remain? Here we will upset you. The developers said that since the game was on testing, at the time of the official release all results and experience will be deleted.

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