Update 2.16.0 for Durango: Wild Lands

As you probably already know, today there was another update under version 2.16 for Durango: Wild Lands. Below you can find a list of all the changes and innovations in the current version.

On the island, entitled “The Company’s Safe House”, some changes were made, namely:

  • The “Island of the House of Security” has increased the number of missions (up to 6). Now you will have a large selection and range of missions in the game.
  • You can build a road sign that will be an excellent guide for you
  • You can check out areas that differ in their resources and potential, for example: “Safehouse Company Island”.


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  1. The lastest update 2.16 is bugged, leaf outfit craft mission bugged so I cant turn in jy crafted item at drop off point!!! My side mission mission monitor says and checked off all requirement and ready to turn in item for mission completion but when I click drop point it says theres nothing to turn in!!! Ive been stuck here now for three days with no progress in missions and no progress in character abilities cause I need to move on in order to access items and lvls to craft and gather!!! This is so frustrating and irritating for nexon to upload and update with such stupid bug to hinder ones progress in game and play enjoyment!!

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