Update 2.23.0 for Durango: Wild Lands

Hello! We hasten to inform you about the release of a new update for Durango: Wild Lands 2.23.0. This time the developers have prepared many interesting changes and useful additions. For example:

Main functions

  • Now the battle will be faster due to changes in some functions. For example, without losing a minute, all attacks will be activated.
  • Extend the term of your domain to the Civilized Island for a maximum of 28 days
  • Players at level 10 after recovery or waking will no longer feel uncomfortable
  • When a large number of players simultaneously swim to the Unstable Island, an additional new island will open
  • The skill of Makeshift Shovel and Makeshift Hoe was replaced by the ability to fire weapons
  • Now you can simultaneously unlock several abilities at once.
  • Some abilities were combined into one. For example, to collect meat, bones, leather in one – the ability to butchers and so on.
  • Added ability to make furniture and improve your home


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