Update 2.7.1 for Durango Wild Lands

Hello! Today, the next update for the game Durango Wild Lands. Below we suggest reading the full list of changes in version 2.7.1.

The main changes in version 2.7.1

  • Added clan storage history, your actions will now be marked on the timeline.
  • If you purchase an attached mail item, the mail will be immediately deleted.
  • Now requests to join the clan will no longer be sent by mail.
  • If you want to increase charisma and perception, try to make juice, namely when
  • Making fruit juice, your charisma and perception statistics will temporarily increase.
  • Look for tires when you need rubber as a material.
  • Invisible fields are now displayed correctly!
  • You can make baskets with leaves and reeds.
  • You will need a hammer as a tool for making a bow and crossbow.
  • The fee for sending items through Courier Warp Holes to the Wild Islands has been increased. (This increase in the fee will be given to the Clans.)


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