Update 2.9.0 for Durango Wild Lands

Meet the new patch for Durango Wild Lands. Today, September 21st, released a new patch for the game of survival of Durango. So the new version of the game is 2.9.0. Let’s find out what the developers have prepared for us in the new patch:

If you decide to play with a new character – you will have an interesting surprise. Now you can leave the island of Ancora not alone, but with someone who you choose. Escape with a partner is much more interesting than alone, are you agree.

After you leave Ancora Island you will be in a safe house, not on the Unknown Island as before. Want to see how the island looks like from the high? Then you have a great opportunity to do it. Now after you have completed the mission in the “Safe Home” of the company, you can ride a balloon and land in your favorite area of the island of Tames.

Download the new patch.

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